Nourished Conference 2021


“We have therapy chickens as well so this was so fun!”


“What an amazing young lady!!!!!!”


“Very inspiring and enhance my understanding on Chicken.”


“How cool is this young woman? Loved this. Very inspiring.”


“This young woman is one to watch!! I invited both of my children to watch along with me as they too feel as Summer does, and we have chickens so it was a wonderful watch! I have since followed her in social media and I have shared her mission with the professionals caring for children with symptoms of Autism”

“Heartwarming and inspirational”


Some general feedback regarding the Nourished Conference includes:


“The informative experiential. learnings and offerings. Seeing all the different and various presentations was nourishing.”


“The ability to access it over a month-long period which made it easier to watch everything. It was also a fantastic opportunity to hear from people all around the globe.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the variety of seminars in the nourish conference.”

“The ability to learn from practitioners from across the globe – all from the comfort of my home office! Perhaps a silver lining to an unfortunate situation.”


“The raw, honest, LOVING way it was presented as I truly felt each expert had complete creative control on how they wanted to present their hard work and miracles—I felt the conference respected everyone–including the loving nonhuman animals that work with them! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!”


“The scenery and calmness it imparted on me. The material was pure, back-to-basics, and inspirational.”


Autism Explained Summit 2020


Gosh Summer you are truly amazing

Fabulous work that you are doing – Tracy W


Inspirational and Humbling young lady.

Thanks for sharing your strategies.

Chickens to Love is such a beautiful Initiative – Aurelie G


Hi Summer, I love your energy.

You’re very inspirational and I got great value from your talk.

Look forward to seeing your very bright future – Georgiana G


Well Summer, if I’m going to be 100% honest (as you like to say)

I can’t think of words that would suitably express how

happy you make me feel to know that you have found ways

to share your message with the whole world, you are

amazing, creative and inspirational and especially

love your comebacks to bullying. Summer lead the way… – Carol V


What a charming person you have become Summer!

Confidence literally oozes out of you. You are fortunate

to have such supportive family and I am learning more

and more how to be supportive with my grandkids. – Lize B


Love you, Summer. Listening to you is so uplifting and joyful.

Thank you for sharing your passion and experience – Anne N


What an amazing young lady. I love the way

you foster hope for so many – Debra O


Summer certainly inspires – Chief B


An amazing young lady! Her confidence in herself, warms my heart.

What a bright future she has to look forward to – Maria S


Amazing young lady! Thank you for your great ideas

And helpful hints…. Keep going – Sherilyn S


Thank you, Summer, I loved hearing your story and gained some

Great insight. Watching you so confidently speaking here fills my hear with love. Thank you again – Kym A


Amazing young lady! Very inspirational for many

Young children. She’s making a huge difference.

Very impressive – Renee L


I LOVED Summer so much! How confident she is, how funny she is,

How fascinating she is, how intelligent she is and more! I would like

to learn more About being autistic in her life, her chicken projects

and her art work and more stuff she is doing! Thank you so much for this

video – Mikey


What a unique and wonderful program – so quirky and imaginative

But it works. I totally support the power of the chicken, Summer!

There needs to be so much more recognition of initiative that don’t follow

the traditional path/curriculum/model of social behaviour. This is so

creative and also highlights the significant role of animals and the creative arts

in assisting autistic kids and all the kids to express themselves and

explore their unique perspective – Jane H


Such a smart child. Love the confidence

and positivity – Sapna B


Thank you, Summer. What a beautiful light

you shine and congratulations on all of your

achievements so far! You keep being you! – Misty R


So nice and fresh, filled with life. Loved listening to Summer,

A very sunshine girl thank you! – Esperanca S


Oh, Summer you are wonderful! Good luck with future endeavours, you are one insightful young lady!

Well done! – Bernadette G


Well done Summer for finding a way you could use to understand for yourself and to teach others at the same time. – Lewise S


Great session, really enjoyed listening to you

Summer. All the best, Learnt a lot too – work on

Children’s interest rather than, Thank you Summer – Amy L


Oh, my Goodness what a delightful young woman. So articulate and clear

In her ideas and expression. Thank you, Summer. I love the ideas you

Gave when people tried to bully you and put you down. – Michelle K


Summer, you are such an inspiration for someone so young. So confident,

Intelligent and funny too, your program Chickens to Love is such a

wonderful and creative initiative that would develop

social dynamics and build self- esteem.

Make sure Summer that you write a book about you come backs for bullying. Good luck in your future endeavours – Rosina C