Gosh Summer you are truly amazing! Fabulous work that you are doing



Inspirational and humbling young lady. Thanks for sharing. I’m so sorry you suffered bullying. I’m please that you’ve found some verbal self-defence strategies to protect yourself. Chickens2love is such a beautiful initiative.



Your talk was fantastic! Our animal- loving, newly-ASD-diagnosed 8 y/o son watched the presentation as well and he was thrilled to “Connect” with another child with ASD. Thank you so much!



Summer is such an inspiration! I to have been a chicken lover all my life and when I was 8 years old, I set up a chook club in my local area! While learning to care for and interacting with the chickens, friendships were formed! well done Summer keep the ideas coming!



So nice and fresh. Filled with life. Loved listening to Summer, a very sunshine girl! thank you!



Great program Summer. You are inspirational. Such a bright future ahead.



Great session, really enjoyed listening to you Summer. All the best, Learnt a lot too – work on children’s interests rather than…. Thank you, Summer.



Temple Grandin does it for cows. Summer Farrelly does it for Chickens. The future of animal welfare is secure and safe in the new generation.



I am truly blown away by this young lady. So articulated and insightful. My daughter is the same age and I’ll show her this video.



Such an aspiring young lady well done Summer. Animal’s can teach us many things.



Thanks Summer, very interesting and great creative ideas. All the best for your book



Awesome, Summer! What a great and Perceptive program you have created. Great listen to all you had to say. Thanks



Thank you, Summer, for your participation. We think your creative ideas are awesome, and we loved your comebacks the most.



Thank you for your insight and help Summer



I LOVED Summer so much! How confident she is, how funny she is. How fascinating she is, how intelligent she is and more! I would like to learn more about being autistic in her life, her chicken projects and her art work and more stuff she is doing! Thank you so much for this video Summer.



Summer, you are inspirational. I remember arguing with the system if school about acknowledging different skills and strengths and not just the typical sporty kids. I loved hearing you speak and I’m sure we will see and hear more about you with the work you are doing. Thank you



An amazing young lady. Her confidence in herself, warms my heart. What a bright future she has to look forward to.



Amazing young lady! Thank you for your great ideas and helpful hints. Keep going



Thank you, Summer. I loved hearing your story and gained some great insight. Watching you so confidently speak here fills my hear with love, Thank you again



Love you, Summer, listening to you is so uplifting and joyful. Thank you for sharing your passion and experience.



What an amazing young lady! I love the way you foster hope for so many others.



Summer certainly inspires, I would buy her book and wish her all the best



Well done Summer



Hi Summer I love your energy, you’re very inspirational and I got great value our of your talk. Look forward to seeing your very bright future.



She is adorable! she has probably done more than most adults right now WOW



Great ideas, summer! Animals will always be the friend for autistic children.



Thank you, Summer, for sharing your joy energy and powerful messages



Love your energy, spirit, drive and smarts! Very inspiring. My teacher friend was sitting nearby and was excited to explore more for her students.



Love this! Thank you, Summer, I used to have chickens myself and one in the particular was a great companion to me!



What a legend! fantastic program



Oh, my goodness what a delightful young woman. So articulate and clear in her ideas and expression. Thank you, Summer. I love the ideas you gave when people tried to bully you to put you down.