K9 Assistance Australia – Summer and Onyx

I first started studying chicken micro communication when I was 9 years old. My chickens have been a stepping stone into the animal assisted world, I would not be here today without them.

I have evolved in the last 4 years, doors have opened to new opportunities and creative spaces.

I am evolving, I am growing, I am stepping out of my comfort zone.

The hardest thing is leaving what I know so well behind.

My chicken flock have been everything, they have pulled me out of dark places and filled my heart with hope and happiness.

I am ready to say goodbye, I have been ready for a while.

My partnership with Onyx is an important one, he will provide me with the strength needed to navigate life as an autistic teen who faces daily challenges of self harm, anxiety, depression, trauma, ADHD and maintaining self care.

The Chicken Zen Garden belongs to the community, a space I created where everyone can be themselves, feel safe and place to belong.

I am in the process of doing a hand over to Community Lifestyle Support to make sure my legacy is looked after and maintained.

I will still be presenting and sharing my chicken and animal assisted learning program journey as it has been a huge part of my life.

You will see my page content slowly evolving with me, sharing my insight as an autistic teen, sharing my most vulnerable, successful moments and connection between animal and human.

Thank you for sharing my journey. I hope you continue to be part of my next chapter. Thank you for encouraging me and being here, much love and positive thoughts.


K9 Assistance Australia