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1st May 2021

Autism Explained Summit 2020 (REPLAY)
Online Community Event
LIVE A & O Discussion

Join Us for a LIVE free Q&A event as part of the Autism Explained Summit REPLAY

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There are two separate events each with different summit speakers attending.

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Autism Explained Speaker

Chris Bonnello

Autism Explained Speaker

Jacquelyn Fede, PhD & Amy Laurent, PhD, OTR/L

Autism Explained Speaker

Holly Bridges

Autism Explained SpeakerJudy Singer

Autism Explained Speaker

Michael John Carley

Autism Explained Speaker

Lyric Holmans (aka Neurodivergent Rebel)

Autism Explained Speaker

Ebony Birch-Hanger

Autism Explained Speaker

Summer Farrelly

Autism Explained Speaker

Paul Micallef and Shannan Lea

15-17 june 2021

Yellow Ladybugs
Mental Health & Safety Conference

The overall aim of the conference is to provide a platform for autistic individuals who can share practical strategies which will support improved mental health, wellbeing and positive autistic identity for autistic girls and gender diverse individuals throughout their schooling years and beyond. 
The following themes will be discussed:
Identifying key mental health risks of autistic girls at school
Intersectionality between mental health and gender and sexuality
Supporting neurodivergent parents
Cyber-safety (including latest technology such as Discord and Tik Tok) covering: the specific risks for autistic girls, an approach for school wellbeing teams and parents to work together to minimise risk, and develop intervention strategies.

A peer-to-peer tween/teen session, with autistic teens and young people presenting: covering how to navigate the common challenges autistic girls face at school, including mental health, and also on building a positive autistic identity.