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Assistance dog is life-changing for Bundaberg teen Summer Farrelly

ABC Wide Bay / By Brad Marsellos For Bundaberg teenager Summer Farrelly, the simple act of walking into a shop to buy milk can be overwhelming and exhausting. The 13-year-old lives with autism and can feel overwhelmed when she is out of her comfort zone — but her new four-legged friend is changing her life. Onyx,…
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The Animal-Assisted Services Sector Virtual Conference 2021

Animal Therapies Ltd (ATL) is the leading Australian institution for promoting the prevention and management of mental illness, disability, disease and suffering through animal-assisted services. This includes people at risk of, or who are, suffering mental illness, eye disease, hearing impairment, seizures, asthma, life threatening allergies, diabetes, fluctuating blood pressure, cerebral palsy, autism, post-traumatic stress, episodic…
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Online Nourished Conference – January 25th – February 25th, 2021

Featuring a never-before-seen line-up of international presenters, including leaders in Equine, Animal and Nature Assisted/ Facilitated Psychotherapy and Learning, our ground-breaking conference will nurture your mind, nourish your soul and enrich your work as well as your life. This conference is presented via a spacious, online platform where attendees can access pre-recorded sessions with International…
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Reframing Autism presents … Summer Farrelly on Passions and Pastimes

Reframing Autism presents … Summer Farrelly, Autistic Advocate, Artist, Creator of “Chickens to Love Animal Assisted Learning Program”, Animal Therapies Ltd Ambassador, on Passions and Pastimes.

Autism Explained Online Summit

Online learning and support to help you The Autism Explained Online Summit is a week-long online event, featuring 20+ sessions from highly respected experts from all over the world. Each day will focus on a different theme, ranging from understanding autism, family life, transitions and strategies, through to creating a supportive environment. Our speakers have…
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The ICAN NETWORK The Power Of Autistic Passions

#AwetismExpo on 20th November 2020 (free, online & open to the public worldwide) celebrates the passions, talents and insights of Autistic students across Australia. THE POWER OF AUTISTIC PASSIONS Our #AwetismExpo on 20th November (free, online & open to the public worldwide) celebrates the passions, talents and insights of Autistic students across Australia. We are…
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Fast Facts About Autism for Kids

I contributed content and my voice to 2020 Fast Facts About Autism for Kids. Voices: Summer Farrelly & Harry Eksteen. Script/Animation Paul Micallef.

Little Girl With Autism Is A Chicken Whisperer

This little girl tucks her chickens in every single night 🐥🐥💕  

Summer Farrelly | Breaking Down Stereotypes

“I was that awkward person who no one would talk to – I was the kid who would just go straight to the library and that was what I did because I didn’t know how to talk to people”. Meet the 12-year-old who’s on a mission to make the community more inclusive for everyone.

Is Asperger’s syndrome the next stage of human evolution?: Tony Attwood | Australian Story Professor Tony Attwood believes the “out of the box” thought processes of people on the autism spectrum will solve the world’s big problems. He is credited with being the first clinical psychologist to present Asperger’s syndrome not as something to be “fixed ” but as a gift, evidenced in many of the great inventors…
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