‘ Is able to maintain eye contact, making autism unlikely’ – outdated stereotypes

I found an old medical report;   ‘ Is able to maintain eye contact, making autism unlikely’ This comment is inaccurate and often contributes to outdated sterotypes on ‘what autism looks like’ I can make and keep eye contact with those I trust or I feel they understand me. I do not keep eye contact when I am listening Read More

Dilemma of friendships

I had a meltdown in class last year as a result of repressed trauma, the trigger was the entire term content and topic. Friendships Teacher: Summer what makes you a good friend? Me: *silence* Teacher: Come on Summer, surely you have friends? Me: *further silence* Teacher: Don’t you have any friends? Me: *In front of Read More

This morning I regretted leaving Onyx at home.

This morning I regretted leaving Onyx at home. This morning I had a meltdown at our local shopping centre. I am sharing this vulnerable moment in hope to educate and create understanding, also giving insight into challenges autistics face on a regular basis. Meltdowns presents differently in each autistic individual. Melting down for me starts when I feel overwhelmed.When Read More

End of Bendigo Trip – March 2021

March 21st, 2021 What an amazing way to end my time in Bendigo, surrounded by my K9AA family at the off leash Park. The last few weeks has been challenging and rewarding, my car trip home has been a time for reflection. Facing fears and anxiety triggers is never easy , if it was easy Read More

Off Leash Park Toowoomba 22/03/21

Monday, 22nd March 2021 A little bit of rain wasn’t going to stop me from taking Onyx to the Off Leash Park in Toowoomba this morning. I finally arrived home after travelling in the car for 3 days I look forward to sharing some reflective insightful posts over the next few days Summer Read More