Summer celebrates People’s Choice Award win

Summer Farrelly, an autism advocate that is only 14 year-old, has been named the People’s Choice at the recent 7News Young Achiever Awards. The local is known for her positive influence and ongoing support work for autistic children through her Chickens to Love program and, most recently, with K9 Assistance Australia through her support dog Read More

Anxiety, burn out and self-care

Let’s have an honest discussion about anxiety, burn out and self care. Having to admit and acknowledge how consuming my anxiety is and was a extemely hard thing to do. I didn’t want people to see how vulnerable I was. I was worried about people judging me because they have never experienced it. I hope Read More

We all learn in different ways

I’m often asked, how can we assist young autistics with learning? A memory springs to mind, of a teacher saying enthusiastically, ” I will go over this question 50 times if I have to, until you all understand it” I understand teaching to a range of different learning styles is time consuming and can be Read More

Travel anxiety

Anxiety for me builds as I approach my destination. I spend majority of my time travelling self-talking in my head and preparing for possible scenarios. Mentally preparing myself usually leaves me feeling drained. I’m so drained that at times I find it difficult to enjoy the experience. I often look back and think I wish Read More

CEO of my own destiny 2021 – services available

This year I started my own registered business ‘Autistic Perspectives’ . I’m the CEO of my own destiny and want to work towards creating a sustainable future for myself, and to be able to afford to do many amazing things. I offer the listed services below; Webinars ( group or singular) Online workshops/presentations In person Read More

Excessive talking is a common autistic trait

Excessive talking is a common autistic trait. For my family excessive talking is for two reasons. The first being you are excited about a particular topic. The second is the most likely reason which is to process information. Talking through a certain situation can help process the information in a format that makes sense. Giving Read More

The importance of practicing self-care

Practicing self-care can prevent autistic burn out or reduce the extent of burn out and recovery time. As a young autistic it’s important that I listen to my body and recognise my body signals alerting me of the start of burn out. I have been busy working on multiple projects combined with excitement and anxiety Read More

Navigating an environment that is overstimulating

One my most challenging parts about being autistic is navigating an environment that is overstimulating. My brain and body has to work extra hard to block out or process everything going on around me. I have to self-regulate my body and emotional reactions. Everything most people experience such as smell, noise, light, touch and emotions, Read More