Summer Farrelly is 14-year-old Autistic Advocate, Public speaker, Consultant, Artist, Innovator, Chicken Whisperer, Animal Assisted Learning Program creator, Animal Therapies LTD Ambassador, K9 Assistance Australia Handler in Training and Superhero of Change.

Chickens to Love was created to help autistic and neurodivergent people develop their understanding of social dynamics, their own and others emotions, understanding perspectives of others, identifying consent touch, to build resilience, foster self-acceptance and to empower others. Summer has also written her program in such a way that it gives neurotypical’s a bird’s eye view from an autistic perspective bridging a gap and creating an understanding.

For the last 4 years Summer has been sharing her personal insight, and the benefits of human and animal connection. Often stepping out of her comfort zone sharing vulnerable, raw and real moments of life challenges faced by young autistic teens in hope to educate and inspire others.

Summer has become a recognised and valued contributor within the Animal Assisted Learning / Therapy platforms

Summer has recently started her journey as a junior handler with K9 Assistance Australia (K9AA) with her black Labrador Onyx. This partnership will provide strength needed to navigate life as an autistic teen who faces daily challenges of self-harm, anxiety, depression, trauma and self-regulation.

This journey with Onyx is about understanding herself emotionally through their connection, more importantly this journey is about learning self-care.

Summer has identified after talking to mature autistics that learning, and having the ability to implement self-care at a young age could lead to improvement in quality of life later on.

Summer is documenting her K9 Assistance Australia journey providing a different perspective (through an Autistic Lens) and a deeper insight in to animal and human connection through micro communication.