Why cutting hair was such a traumatic experience for me

Why cutting hair was such a traumatic experience for me.

The challenge with cutting my hair is not only a sensory but it’s also difficult for me to process this change.

Even though I can be shown a picture of what the hair cut will look like when finished.
I am unable to visualise that hair style on myself.

When I was 8 my Mum talked me into getting my hair cut so it would be easier to maintain.
I agreed only if I could donate my hair to Variety’s Princess Charlotte Alopecia Program.

Losing my hair was such an overwhelming feeling, this feeling I have never recovered from.
I didn’t like the attention this change brought, the attention to the fact my hair was shorter.
All the positive and some negative compliments made when others saw my hair was cut.
Then there was all the touching of my hair from others.

When I look back at these pictures, I see how happy I was in the first photo. Then I see myself in the other photos, I see a fake smile, I felt like a piece of me was missing.

I relate all my feelings of change to the feelings of the 8-year-old me at the hairdressers Intense and overwhelming.

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