How my K-9 Journey is helping make positive changes for my whole family

Many of you have been following my journey with K9 Assistance Australia Onyx the black Labrador.

Onyx has helped me become more accountable, practice self-care, reduce self-harm, mental and physical burn out. Onyx is an example of how animals are life changing by playing a vital role in healing and rebuilding humans’ lives.

My K9 journey has been instrumental in my own and my family’s growth through self-reflection.
People watching this journey have changed their perceptions on abilities of others and their overall views on human and animal connection and the benefits.

I am starting a traineeship with my mentor Claire, to become an assistance dog trainer.

Which means my family and I will be moving to Victoria 21 hours’ drive from where I live in the next few months.

I’m beyond excited to be offered this opportunity, and can’t wait to be with my K9 family again.

It’s pretty exciting, this is the first time I have ever moved.

Change on this level can be overwhelming for autistics especially a family of 4 autistics.
You can certain that I shall be sharing insightful posts about our moving journey.