Excessive talking is a common autistic trait

Excessive talking is a common autistic trait.

For my family excessive talking is for two reasons.

The first being you are excited about a particular topic.

The second is the most likely reason which is to process information.

Talking through a certain situation can help process the information in a format that makes sense.
Giving the how, who, why and what.

Mum and I usually do this around social situations or situations that have caused anxiety or stress.
Each time we talk about it, our brains break it down into more bite size pieces making each element easier to understand.

Others around us who don’t understand our need to process often say, “Stop rehashing it, or stop bringing it up or …. just do what Elsa did in frozen, just let it go”. 🤔

These reactions from others give the impression that our feelings or struggles to process and make sense of an event not justified or unimportant.
Feeling undervalued and not to be able to have closure on particular situations can cause a whole mixed bag of catastrophic emotions.

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