Ever wondered why autistics stim or what stimming is?

Ever wondered why autistics stim or what stimming is?

Not all autistics stim and just because you stim doesn’t mean you are autistic. Stimming can be for many different reasons.

I often use vocal stimming by repeating words over and over, often saying the words as fast as I can.
This is how I clear the clutter and unfinished thoughts in my head so I can focus on new tasks.
Sometimes I will add another repetitive action like a hand flapping movement or bouncing on the spot.

My life wasn’t always about embracing my autistic self, when I was younger, before I found my voice.
I would bounce and flap my hands, I was often teased and laughed at.

Some adults around me would tell me not to stim because I guess it embarrassed them, and they didn’t like the stares or whispers, my heart became hurt and sad because I couldn’t be me.
I wanted to shout this is how I self-regulate.

My stimming wasn’t being disrespectful, harmful nor was it interfering with anyone or the life they live.
I had to stop doing something that made me feel happy, helped me stay focused on tasks and was a way that I could self-regulate.

If the adults around me educated members of the community and my peers instead of trying to change me.
I may not have had self-esteem and mental health challenges on the level that I do now.
I may have used stimming as a self-regulation outlet instead of self-harming.

Stimming is how I divert my negative mindset.

Stimming is how I remain focused and relax.

💛 Summer