Anxiety, burn out and self-care

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Let’s have an honest discussion about anxiety, burn out and self care.
Having to admit and acknowledge how consuming my anxiety is and was a extemely hard thing to do.
I didn’t want people to see how vulnerable I was.
I was worried about people judging me because they have never experienced it.
I hope by sharing this post it will give insight and create an understanding about challenges autistic individuals face daily.
I mask my anxiety very well, I pretend it doesn’t exist even at times when I felt like it is swallowing me and I am drowning.
Masking these feelings has had an impact on my mental health.
I prefer to help others before myself , its who I am and who I will always be.
I have been neglecting my own self care, not giving myself permission to ask for help or accepting help, and I have been struggling.
I am only 14 years old and I want to continue to inspire, amaze, challenge , present at events, change the world and peoples perceptions on abilities and the benefits of human and animal connection.
Claire from K9 Assistance Australia started to mentor me.
I had to let my guard down ask for help and admit I AM NOT OK so Onyx can learn skills to help me become more accountable, practice self care, reduce burn out, self harm and continue on this amazing journey.
This is another example of how animals are life changing by playing a vital role in healing and rebuilding humans lives.
It also highlights the importance of being a kind understanding human to everyone .
Many people have challenges that are invisible, many people are afraid to ask for help due to past experiences or past judgement, kindness can make a massive difference