How Chickens to Love Hatched

How Chickens to Love Hatched

I am autistic, I find interpreting social cues, decoding body language, facial expressions, and interpreting the meaning behind vocal tones Challenging.

While observing my chicken flock interacting with each other, I began to understand the significance of the chickens’ body positions and movement, flock social circles, the use of tone and the volume of chirps.

I began to understand each personality and their place within the flock’s social hierarchy. I realised that, like people, chickens have individual personalities and temperaments. Like people, chickens are happy, sad, angry, social, antisocial, cheeky, scared, mischievous, and domineering. It helps me understand people better if I visualise them as a chicken flock.

Chickens have provided my family with a common interest to connect and bond over and a helpful tool for my family to build and create new friendships within the community.

The vision of Chickens to Love is to share the chicken love with others, to help autistic and neurodivergent people to develop their understanding of social dynamics, build resilience, foster self-acceptance and to empower others.

Summer Farrelly

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