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Autistic Perspectives by Summer Farrelly

K9 Assistance Australia
Summer and Onyx…

An assistance dog has given me the independence and confidence to choose my own destiny and destination...

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Summer Farrelly awarded for animal therapies

Summer Farrelly has won three Animal Therapies Ltd awards for her Chicken Assisted Learning Program to help people overcome challenges.
Summer is autistic and finds social settings challenging and confusing. She proudly helps others with the same condition to feel less isolated and this is part of why she was recognised for her three years of dedication.

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In the Media…

Assistance dog is life-changing for Bundaberg teen Summer Farrelly

ABC Wide Bay / By Brad Marsellos For Bundaberg teenager Summer Farrelly, the simple act of walking into a shop to buy milk can be overwhelming and exhausting. The 13-year-old lives[…]

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The Animal-Assisted Services Sector Virtual Conference 2021

Animal Therapies Ltd (ATL) is the leading Australian institution for promoting the prevention and management of mental illness, disability, disease and suffering through animal-assisted services. This includes people at risk of,[…]

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Online Nourished Conference – January 25th – February 25th, 2021

Featuring a never-before-seen line-up of international presenters, including leaders in Equine, Animal and Nature Assisted/ Facilitated Psychotherapy and Learning, our ground-breaking conference will nurture your mind, nourish your soul and[…]

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